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Dimension Options


New member
I am searching for how to change the properties of my dimensions. I am using ordinate dimenstions, and would like to put a jog in the witness line. How can I do this, and adjust each one on the fly?

I also would like to make some dimensions dual, and some not. BUT, I do not want to decide which ones until they are all there.

Any ideas?
To put a jog in the witness line, select the dimension, right click, and choose Make Jog. Click on the witness line where you would like the jog to appear.

In order to use dual dimensioning, you need to change the settings in your dtl file. Choose Advanced > Draw Setup, and set dual_dimensioning to yes. There are about four other options in there for controlling things such as secondary units.

Dave Martin
Thanks for the help!

I am having difficulty selecting things with the right button... something I have to get used to with Pro/E

Is there any way to align a series of jogs? or any dimension for that matter?

I found the option to show dual dimensions, but how do I turn it off for select dimensions?
To align dimensions, choose 1, hold down your shift key on the keyboard and select other dimensions, let go of the shift key and move your mouse until you see arrows pointing up and down, left mouse click and move the array of dimensions.

Another way is to add the align icon to your menu, this gives you the choose many option.
I don't think you can align jogs, at least not in the version we use. I usually put in a snapline on the drawing just to have a visual reference to manually align jogs, they won't snap to it. There are several other drawing entities that won't snap to snap lines: view section arrows and certain types of geometric tolerances (depends on the type of attachment) come to mind. I also don't think you can have dual dimensions for just certain dimensions, I think it is all or nothing. Maybe this has changed with WildFire but I doubt it. PTC doesn't put much effort into the drawing/detailing end of their software.
Not knowing what you have for witness lines jogs or just jogs, I find the Grid Snap On very useful for witness lines jogs. You can change grid size and location. Hope this helps.

Snap to grid on is the method taught in PTC drawing classes for aligning jogs.

To turn off dual dimensions for certain dimensions, you should have that option on the first tab of the Properties dialog box (again accessible by right click) IIRC.
I do not see the option to turn off individual dual dimensions. I am using Wildfire... perhaps they decided to move the feature.


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