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Dimension display when modifing many feat


New member
I'm now using WF2 and finding that each time I pick a different feature to modify that thepreviousdimensionsgoes away. In 2001 you could pick many features and go through and modify several features at the same time. Then regen and have your model update. It was very helpful to see the dimensions of several features at the same time.

Does anyone know if this is a config setting or thats just the way it is now.

Thx Dan


New member
You might try selecting all of the features you want to modify from the model tree while holding the "ctrl" key, then right click and select "edit" from the pop-up menu


New member

In WF 2.0 "ctrl" key has v much functions.If you want to go for various options/selections you can do much with holding "ctrl" key.

Your said problem may also be solved by holding "ctrl" key and the selecting other features you want to edit.



New member

I think I've narrowed it down to a complete lack of graphics processing power. The dimensionsare there but I can only see them once they are selected. Dragging a window roundwhat I've just drawnhighlights them and saves have to dimension manually. Still an extra step but until I convince my manager to invest in a better graphics card.

Wish me luck