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dimension dementia


New member
<DIV>got a question for you</DIV>
<DIV>have a 2 sheet drawing, with dimensioned views of a model on the 1st sheet and a table on the second sheet.</DIV>
<DIV>If I puta dimension name ina table cell (i.e. &add32) it displays the dimension fine in the table but removes it from the view. It will show up in the viewif removed from the table.</DIV>
<DIV>how to keep it from disappearing ?</DIV>


New member
Not 100% sure here but I think you can bring it back by using "show" again after using the dim in a note or table.
Have done it before so I know its possible.


New member
nah, nothing seems to work.. it's in the documentation that it is SUPPOSED to do that. show wont even pick it up... like it doesnt exist.

I'm trying to find a work-around, like assign the dimension value to a user variable then post the variable to the table. Know how to do that?


New member
thanks contour it worked (in wildfire)

hope that is not a bug they intend to fix.

just for curiosity tho anybody know how to do it with parameter assignments.. just wondering



New member
To use a parameter:
1. Find the dimension you want to represent, eg. d20
2. Create a parameter, eg. LENGTH or simply create a relation LENGTH=D20
3. Add the parameter LENGTH=D20
4. Show the dimension on the print and add &LENGTH to your note

The reason the dimension dissapears from the drawing is the drafting standard of not displaying duplicate dimensions on a print. It is not a bug, it is standard drafting practice.