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Different Color Instances of Family Table


New member
I would like to have each instance of a part in my family tablehave a different color associated with it when it is shaded, yet keep the generic its' base color. Whenever I changethe color of the surfaces of aninstance, the generic model also changes to that same color.

Is there any way to portray each instance in it's own color?

Thanks, psmith


New member

i have a problem in family tables,if, i give the values in 6 digit number in FT,it will accept the values in verify icon but we see in the part the values are what we 1stassigned values only taken for that values. If i enter the 6 digit valuesin excel FT it will not accept ,what i can do ,if there is any program for that,please help with the step by step procedure.&n bsp; thanks


New member
There was a recent discussion about changing instant colours in another post. As far as I know all you can do is create a surface copy for each instance, and then turn it onand off as appropriate.


New member
SW is right, there was a recent discussion about that and maybe theres an opening in WF3 for this.

Search the forum for Wildfire 3 or similar