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Difference between a games card and a workstation card???

Uni Phil

New member
So whats the difference between a games card which uses a GeForce chip or a Radeon where as a workstation card uses chips like Fire GL and Quadro.

what does a workstation card do that a games card can't?

Any light on this is much appriciated

The heart of the FX 3000 is the NV35GL graphics chip. It is based on the NV35 that has found use in the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra gaming card for some time now. By the way, the GeForce FX 5900 is clocked at 450 MHz in 3D mode; the FX 3000 is 50 MHz slower. Buyers beware: In the area of workstation applications, the link between clock speed and performance is not easy to make.

The graphics chips and memory are the same, but the workstation cards have extra graph instructions, and drivers that make them out perform the game cards in bus applications.
I have already bought a ati fire gl 8800 card for a corking price but thanks for the post antway, it was very informative and cleared alot of things up.