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detailed views!!

Uni Phil

New member
Whenever I try to do a detailed view in WF I only get a very small part of the part that I have selected.

I managed to do it the first time I tried it on another part then after that it all went wrong. I have changed a couple of things in the properties box but I don't think this would have made much difference.

Any tips would be grately appreciated.
Don't worry, got it sorted now. I opened my eyes and read another thread along the exact same line as my problem and have sorted it.
For future reference, in WF you can double click on the view, which will trigger the old Modify Views menu manager from 2001. (Or select the view, right mouse click, and choose Properties.)

To change what's in the detailed view, choose Ref Point or Boundary as necessary. As you've probably discovered, what's in the detailed view depends on a location you pick in the parent view (the Ref Point) and the spline you sketch by left mouse clicks around that location (the Boundary).


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