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Detail View


New member
Is there a way to blank a component in a detail view

but leave it visible in the parent view?

Version 2001.


New member
The member display in the detail view seems to be driven

by the parent view. I need to blank the component in the

detail view but leave visible in the parent??????

Any ideas?????


New member
Can you make a simplified rep with the component in question hidden and create the detail using that? You'd then have to leave the general view of the simplified rep blanked. Sort of an ugly work around. Have they fixed this in the Wildfire release?

Bernie Hayden



New member
There is really nothing to fix, because a detail veiw is supposed to be an exact section from it's parent view. It is poor drafting to represent it any other way. Unfortunately most companies don't follow good drafting procedure, and you have to do what is requested of you even if it means cheating. Still I think PTC should allow us to cheat a little easier.