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DesignLibrary path setting

Asho Pulsar

New member
I am new to this solidworks. Today i have installed solidworks 2007 on my PC, I got some issues with designlibrary path setting.
Actually after installation of software, the design library has to come automatically on the navigation tab right. Now I have to manually set the path to designlibrary in order to use formed features.
After setting the path manually, i tried to use the formed features. When i select one form feature, first its asks "Are you want it use as a derived part". If i give "Yes", the form feature is just merging into the another part, its not creating a form feature.
Same thing i have installed in other system, design library is coming by default at startup no need to set the path manually and the form feature is creating correctly.
Did someone faced the same problem? Please give me the solution.
Awaiting for your prompt.


New member
Sorry I push the button "post.." before I write something.
Right click on the library folder where you have your feature and set "Forming Tools".
For folders that contain assemblies choose Assembly.