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Design Animation Question, Reference Coordinate System


New member
Ok guys, hope there is something i'm overlooking here. I'm in Animation. Everything is working great, the only problem is when I'm defining my snapshots, the drag dialog box, it seems i can not pick another coordinate system. This causes a problem when I'm trying to rotate an object. I select another coordinate system and it still rotates around the WCS. It says it's referencing the coordinate system I selected but that's not what I'm seeing on the screen!!

Any Ideas?


New member
Make sure your LCOs are visible, default is off.

I have a prob with these that you'll probably run acrossis these LCOs wander and your body wanders with it..


New member
Ok, almost four years later I have the same problem as phatty70. Everything works except rotating bodies; they will only use the wcs, not any other cs I pick, although the input field shows it's been selected. Just like phatty70 describes it.

Dougr: what is an LCO?

Hope anyone out there can help.