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Demote in commonspace



We are not able to demote objects in commonspace?? we have a part that was set to the final level in the release scheme with the wrong part number assigned, therefore we would like to demote it so that the designer can correct the information and recheck it back in without revising it completely which will just cause a headache. After searching through Pro/Help we have determined that it is possible to have intralink set up to allow us to demote in commonspace with the right priviledges but I am not able to find the correct setting in administration to let us do this. Even as administrator I am not allowed to demote in commonspace. Can someone help?? Thanks.


Cirrus Design Inc.


New member

First try this...

Log in as administrator to intralink database,(this is important you must have full admin rights to make changes), then go to the administration area of the software. Then go to 'folders' and then navigate to the folder where your file (w/ wrong part number) exists. Once you have navigated to the folder, notice the tab selections, to the right, and pick the one named 'authorization', you should see the release levels you are talking about in your posted message ( level). Take note of the 'role' that is set for that release level for that folder. Then go back to the admin categories on the left and pick 'roles'. Select the 'role' with the right name (the one you noted) and check the 'object actions' area on the right to make sure that 'demote object' has been selected. If it has not been selected, then you will need to select it in order to demote objects that reside within that folder, on that level, due to your admin priveledge settings, this should be possible. You may also need to check the 'folder role' for that folder and make sure there are no conflicting permissions with your final level role. It is also important to note that if you set that role to demote, that everywhere that role is used in your database, the demotion privledge will reside. It is also important that the users are 'added' to the folder 'authorization' area as well.

Also when you try to demote in commonspace, what computer message (if any) are you getting when if fails?


Thanks for the reply 'gcook'. Rod from Fishbowl Solutions helped me out with the problem. It was all in the table configuration. I had to have 'demote to' within the view to get it to work. I thought that if I just had 'release level' in view that it would work; not the case. Thanks for your time and thank you Rod for yours as well.



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