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DELL M20 laptop for WF2


New member
Ican't afford the DELL M60 or M70 because they're too expensive. I'd like to buy the M20. However, the M20 has the low-end ATI OpenGL graphic card (with 64Mb versus 128Mb and 256Mb on M60 and M70, resp.)

Does anyone have a successful run with the DELL M20 and WF2? My assemblies take up about 50Mb. I'd like to configure the M20 with 1Gb Ram, 7200rpm HD, and 14" SXGA+.

Thanks so much if you can share your experience.



There was a recent report in "MCAD Magazine" - test-driving the M20 & M70. they both seemed to do pretty well in the CAD tests... although I don't know if the ATI card is certified wiith Pro/E.



New member
Even though the card is smaller then the M60/70's, the ATI Firegl V3100 graphics cardin the M20 is still certified by PTC to run Pro/E.


New member
I have the M70 with Nvidia quadro 1400go. It works well with big assembly, but i was expecting something more. You can try to use modded drivers with ati model.For example mobility 9600 and 9700 are moddable in firegl with freefiregl drivers or patching with rivatuner. Persanally i have tryied and works greet.Big performance and low cost.