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Dell 8300 with ATI Radeon 9800 video card


New member
I would like to know if anyone is running ProE with the following hardware and OS:

Dell 8300 3GPentium4 w/ 1G [email protected]

ATI Radeon 9800 Video Card

Windows Home Edition

If so, are you having any software compatibility issues when running ProE (premature exits,slow performance, etc). I realize these are uncertified hardware components as far as PTC is concerned, but I need to know if ProE can be run successfully on this particular platform



New member
Hi Patent_Pen

The Dells are a good Unit for a fair price.

However I would loose the ATI card. We have had several ATI cards here and all displayed various inconsistancies and rendering problems.

On wintel (Window + Intel) hardware we now only use the NVIDA Quardo cards. These cards always seem to perform well on the benchmarking tests. The drivers are nearly always compatable and they are pretty reliable.

The Quadro4 750 XGL or the Quadro 980 XGL are both pretty good cards. Don't loose any sleep over AGP 4x or 8X as the bench marking tests show no diference between either 4x or 8x AGP.

If you are straped for cash you can run one of the better NVIDIA geforce cards but you may have to try serveral driver releases before you get on that works 100 percent.

We have tried these cards with Pro/E, Unigraphics AutoCAD and various other CAD viewing applications and found them to be the most reliable.

So there you have it, stick with the NVIDA chip sets with a preference toward the middle range Quadro 4's (or better if you've got the cash). and you should be pretty right.


PS: Being a 3 Gig P4 it means you are running the 800 MHz FSB (make sure they are supplying PC3200 ram) and these machines scream along (on some aplications they will even out perform a Dual Xeon, so rest assured the rest of the Hardware will hammer). When you finnished work for the day you can run a seriously furious Quake or Unreal tournament session on the same hardware.


New member

Thanks for the info.

Have you ever heard of running more advanced drivers on a lower end graphic card? There is a site on the net called which has these type of drivers. It looks like what it does is fool the computer or card into thinking it is a higher model of the either ATI or Nvidia.

I was just curious on what your thoughts were on this.


New member
Hi Patent_pen:

I had a quick look at this site and it looks like it's got some good tips for the Gaming type cards (i.e.: GeforceFX, Radion 9800 etc...).

The Quadro family of cards and of course all professional OpenGL type cards are very different animals. (If you want more information have a look at the NVIDA site under the Quadro section and you can find a PDF file that explains how the two types of cards differ in operation. If you want to play Ultra fast and Heliacal gaming with all the blood and gore you had best go with a Geforce FX. If you want fast and clear images for CAD and Image Manipulation the Quadro4 / FX or 3Dlabs WildCat would be a better option. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.Having saidthat, you can still play games on an OpenGL type card with very respectable frame rates.

As to the Advanced driver question this is nearly always a


New member

I got the ATA/100 120GB drive with mine. I didn't notice an option for SCSI drives. Is there a performance difference between the two types?


New member

What is your FSB speed?

What graphics processor do you have?

I am assuming that you have 800 MHz FSB if you have the P4 3Ghz chip.

I should have the 2001 student version on my machine by this weekend to try it out.


New member
I have a dual 1.3G workstation with 1G ram and an ATI9700 video card. With 2001 the screen sometimes goes to hash on a zoom. With wildfire it really bites it, big time. Move the curser to enlarge a circle and wait 5 seconds (seems like forever), clik a button and wait. Sometimes it works a little faster.

Just got the OK to order a new video card. How does the NVIDIA FX 1000 or 2000 work with ProE? Or should I stay with the Quatro4 980 XGL?