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Defining Launch/View commands for NON-Pro/E Object Types


New member
I have been working with Pro/I 3.2 Admin for about a year now (have been a user for years). Our company would like to use Intralink to control some of our engineering data files that are NOT Pro/E (i.e., MS Word, MS Excel, etc.). While I am well aware of how to set up a new object type in Pro/Admin, which allows you to check these types of files in and out of Pro/I, I have yet to figure out how to set Pro/I up so that it launches the applications for these files as a linked session . I've tried the suggestions in the help menus, from the PTC Knowledge Base, etc. - I even stumped a Pro/I guru in an 3.3 update class I just had with this one. Does ANYONE out there use Pro/I in this manner and can talk me through the EXACT process of setting this up? We are on a Win 2000 network running Pro/I on a Win 2000 Server. Any and all help would be most appreciated.


New member
We store in Ilink and launch from the WS, Word, Excel, PDF, Zip, Adobe Illustrator, ACAD, etc.

There are different methods for just about every build code.

Call me if you would like some help, we are in the Pacific Time zone.