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Define Pro/E Commands-Intralink


New member
There is a command "Define Pro/E Commands"available in Intralink. What is the right usage of the same. Where and how it can be used? Any info is greatly appreciated.


New member
Keep in mind in addition to the info given above that Ilink has had a bug for quite a while that causes any commands defined in this way to start in the win32gdi mode and performance is really bad. This is still not fixed in 3.4

To solve this problem just append the opengl argument to the end of your start up command as follows:

Example: C:\ptc\proewildfire\bin\proewildfire.bat -g:eek:pengl

Make sure there is a space between the .bat and the -g:eek:pengl.

After adding this all your Pro/E commands will work just great.