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default name of part / drawing / assembly


New member
I would like to have the following :

When making a new part the standard name wildfire uses is : "prt0001"

Is there a way of including the working directory in the default name ?

Example :

My working directory is set to c:\engine1\

When making a new part the default name would be : "engine1-prt0001"

Is that possible ?


New member
the working directory path is not a proe parameter, there is a config option to show the full name in the title bar and on inf files....display_full_object_path yes

so you have to grab the path value from a systems command and get your proe file name...have a program that can write the mapkey with the different values each time ..for the file save as.......read in the new mapkey..play key

one step..no.... do you have everthing to do it ...yes

some dos... vbs ... your mapkey recorder.....notepad


New member
mapkey wd @SYSTEM cd>c:\\workdir.txt;

should write the path to a file called c:\workdir.txt

and you can get your model name pretty easy

you can record the keystrokes for the mapkey by recording what you want to do

you just need a program to write the different info to a new mapkey...such as vbs or even a word vba macro..if only proe had vba

depends on how bad you want it ..but by going through the motions to create it you will come up with some other tools for proe later down the road

or just name it that from the beginning


Don't forget that Pro/E has a 31 character file name limit. If you have a long path name it isn't going to work.


New member

Could you tel me how can i open files having longer character than 31.

Our drawing number sometimes longer than 31 character that is why I need to know how i can set up ProE.

There is something in config file to use for it?

Please help and write me to [email protected]



New member
File names have a 31 character limit. You cannot create or retrieve an object with more than a 31 character file name.