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Default display of model in Detail


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I do not know if there is a config option, but would not recommend working in a drawing that way. We had a bunch of work done at another site years ago and the idiots worked in hidden line removal. They realized the drawing would plot OK while they were working with hidden removal, but did not realize an automated plotting system would not. Now we have drawings in the system whose views were not set to hidden line and they won't be changed until a revision is required.


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It is not the config option that sets the display style of model while creating views; it is the drawing setup option.

Add this option to your xxx.dtl

model_display_for_new_views - value should be set to no_hidden

If you want to set the Display style of Tangent edges, the option is...


DN Reddy, Manchuri, MCC, GE-IBC, India


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I added the option to my english.dtl file, which is the file config.pro reads when opening ProDetail - saved the file- and then when I go into a new drawing, the setting is back to default. What am I doing wrong?