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Decimal Places - Dimensions called to a Repeat Region


New member
I have a family table driven part with two dimnsions added to family table, and they have values with two decimal places. When I call the family table parameter values in the Repeat region, dimension values are coming with 3 decimals i.e 2.75 in the family table is coming as 2.750 in the Repeat Region.

Anyone explain why is it so?


i think that you must check the parameter :


change it to the number of digits you want to be displayed


New member
Even restarting the machine doen't helped.

After changing the decimal places to 2, the dimensions of the features created afterwards are showing 2 decimals only. Seems it keeps note of the decimal places setting at the time of feature creation.


New member
&fam.inst.param.value[.0] - all fields with no decimals
&fam.inst.param.value[.2] - all fields with2 decimals

But there are some fields I want to show 1 decimal, and no decimals in others..

Someone who knows hoe to do it?


New member
You might want to try and create a parameter in your parts, something like decPlaces with a value of either 0 or 2.

Then, you can try adding something like this to your repeat region:


I do not know if this will work, but it seems logical. Please post back if you try it.