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Datun Selection by Lookin


New member
Using WF2, Assembly Constraint Selection

In 2001 when ask to select a constraint you use to be able to select by menu, Selection Tools dialogue box would open and you could pick "Look In" and select a model and go right to the datums without them be visible. In other words, the datums layer could be blanked, you could use this selection tool to pick through the datums and watch them highlight in red on the screen. This was very nice and real efficient!

Is this selection tool still available.

Thx Dan


New member
In Wildfire and later releases this tool has been replaced with the search tool (the binoculars icon). When Pro/E prompts you for the reference, pick the search tool icon. The entity you find and select will be captured in the selection filter when you close the search tool.

Good luck,



u can also rmb and hold on the area, then pick "pick from list"

then cycle though them and it highlights them as u go.