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datums showing in drawings


New member
I have created a drawing which is opening funny. Everytime I open this drawing all of my datum planes are displayed. All of my layers are off and the status saved. Even the display datums button is off. I can turn the display datums button on and off and redraw but they won't go away. And the wierdest thing is if I go into the layers and turn a layer on and save the status they will disappear. I then close, erase and open again and they come right back. It is almost like I have to change the layer status before Pro E will read it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Have you reviewed the drawing dtl file for setting(s) other than defaults (*)? In drawing mode, Advanced, Draw Setup, By Category, scroll down to These options control drawing layer:

draw_layer_overrides_model no *

ignore_model_layer_status yes *

You really have to have your hat on straight to know how to operate when these are not set as default.

Jon Bixby - Pro/E contractor at Reichert Inc. Depew, NY