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I believe that a DatumCsys 'attached' to a datum feature (eg DatumPlane).

So, is it possible to find the DatumPlane to which the DatumCsys is attached? Or in a reverse way, is it possible to get the DatumCsys from the DatumPlane object. I have searched the web and help files, but no clue.

Can the DatumCsys(visisble?) be seen on the screen?

I am asking this because I recorded a journal and it identifies a DatumCsys by JournalIdentifier which I want to replace by generalized code.

I am new to NX, so I would take me a little more time to get accustomed to concepts in and vocabulary of NX. Till such time, I may need help on such possibly simple issues.
Datum Csys

I luckily got the answer in the GTAC sample code - 'Create sketch on first dplane of selected datum csys' <>.

The DatumCSys is the feature and DatumPlane is its 'component'.

The relevant portion of the code:

theUFSession.Modl.AskDatumCsysComponents(DatumCSysTag, CSysTag, OriginTag, DAxisTags, DPlaneTags)

This was a small part of the problem of my other post 'Circle On The DatumPlane'. I am hopeful that this will enable me to solve that issue also.


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