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Datum point output file


New member
Hello Everyone,

I have a solid cam lobe that was imported from another CAD system, so all of the defining geometry is gone. I would like to create a spline on the edge of the lobe and then place a rather large set of datum points on that spline (720 points to be exact). And then I'd like to create an output data point file that shows the coordinates of each point relative to the coordinate system located at the center of the lobe.

Is there any way to automatically place the datum points on the spline without having to define them one at a time incrementally at 1/720th length ratios?

Thanks. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




New member
Maybe create the points on a curve using the -at length- or -ratio- option and then pattern on one of the dimension of this feature.


Just don't use a 'Fill Pattern' if precise feature spacing is important.

Use a true dimension pattern as rcamp suggests.



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