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datum planes tangent to non-cylindrical..


New member
Hi all,

I need to set up some datum planes that are tangent to a non-cylindrical surface (an airfoil) at specified points on the surface.

The purpose of this is to be able to drill holes perpendicular to the surface of the airfoil for static pressure ports.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



New member
with your point create a datum axis >tan curve

it will ask for the curve ... then a point... you now have a axis tangent to the curve

create a datum plane thru the axis and normal to the plane the curve lies on

then you can create a second plane normal to the plane you just created and thru the point

as long as you point truely is on that curve you should be able to move it around

you may want the original point to be on the curve as point>on curve >length ratioand if you need a xy value you could create a analysis featureView attachment 1074


New member
Worked great, I think my problem was that I was trying to use a curve (an edge of the solid) that the points were not on. I just sketched a datum curve using the offset function in sketcher with a value of 0 since I was in the plane containing the points (the original edge was .5" away).