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Datum Planes from Inherited Features


New member
In Wildfire, I have created a base part and defined Datum features. I then created a new part, inherited the base part and continued to add features. In the drawing, however, though the datum features from the inherited part can be displayed, they cannot be referenced in GD&T symbols.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known issue? Can anyone offer a workaround (other than disposing on the datums in the inherited feature and recreating them in the part)?
You have to change the datum planes from regular datum planes to Set Datums to use them in Geometric Tolerances.

In 2001, you selected Modify > Datum/Axis, selected the plane or axis, then clicked on the button that was -A- with a box around it.

In WF, I believe you can select the datum, either in part, asm, or drawing mode, right click, and select Properties, and then you can select the Set Datum button.

BTW, it's a good idea NOT to use default datum planes as set datums, because set datums lose that yellow side / red side distinction that can be important in certain operations. Use one set of datums for modeling, another for geom tols, and use layers to manage their visibility.

The Datum Features, set datums as you call them, axis and planes in the inherited part defined as -A-, -B- etc.. and surrounded by a box, all exist. Since I could not reference the inherited datum features, I thought I'd try to recreate them in the in the part that uses the inherited part. Pro/E knows they exist because it would not allow me to use the previously defined names. The drawing shows the inherited part datum features -A-, -B- etc. . . but my GDT symbols don't recognize their existance, (There is only the one part in the drawing so it is not a case of selecting the correct part to reference).
Have you tried picking the datums in the drawing graphics window rather than from the pull down menu? I have had success with this in some situations but have never used inherited features.
Its not a matter of selecting them - they merely do not appear in the datum reference pull down in the GD&T symbol dialog box.