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Data Sharing Techniques


I would like some input on what the best strategy might be for sharing information across models. I have what I call interface models that detail the important interfaces, package spaces, etc. across interfacing systems. For example, I have three parts, (Part A, Part B, Part C) and there are required interfaces from Part A to Part B and Part B to Part C. I want to have the proper dimensions, tolerances, GD&T, etc. controlled centrally.

In the past, I used external copy geom. features of pub geom. features to copy geometry across models, but the geometry is static, i.e. I have no access to the dimensions, tolerances, etc. It is not really much better than a dependent import. The inheritance feature is neat, because it allows for real access to the actual feature geometry. Unfortunately, I must inherit the entire part including the geometry that is not relevant to the interfaces of interest.

I am looking to emulate inheriting certain features like the pub_geom/external copy geom. with the functionality of the inheritance feature. Any clues?

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew

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Branch Rickey
Isn't that what skeleton models are for? Just put in the geometry needed to control the overall assembly size & constraints.

Yes indeed. But I have the information in individual skeleton parts, not the DM skeleton.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew