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cuts & protrusions in imported assembly


New member
I recently imported a STEP file from a manufacturer for a computer stand (assembly mode). I'm trying to add cuts for reference to place cooling fans, vents, etc.

Everything seems to work as normal in the feature mode, but when I'm finished with the feature, I cannot see it. The feature shows in the model tree window for the particular part and it highlights on the model when I place the cursor over it. However, it will not display (nor does it display in drawing mode).
Check that the imported model is a solid and not just surfaces.

If it's just surfaces you might have some luck converting it with the Legacy module. Will depend on how accurate the imported model is.

I'm not sure. I don't recall seeing any prompts that asked me to include surfaces or solids, etc.

Is there a way to check it after it's been imported?
simple first check - Put it into wireframe display, if its all white then it's usually solid, yellow and/or purple it's surfaces.
There is some pink and yellow in this model. It also rotates and zooms slowly, something I've seen before in imported models.

Is there a way to change the surfaces to solids so I can create the features I want, like cuts and holes?
You need to merge the surfaces into one quilt ( no yellow ), then use insert>protrusion>use quilt

good luck
You can make a solid out of a closed Quilt (joined surfaces), but it sounds like you may not have a closed quilt.

Try doing a ' feature - create - solid - protrusion - use quilt '

if it says your quilt is not closed you may be able to use ' redefine - heal geometry ' on the imported feature to close it.