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Cut and Paste Mapkey


New member
I am trying to create a mapkey that uses the cut and paste commands, with no success. I have tried using both control+c and right click-copy. What I would like to do is double click on a part number in the model inquiry dialog (do highligh it), then start the mapkey, which copies the part highlighted part number, opens the part, changes the material properties, saves the part, and closes it. I have gotten the latter portion done, after I open it, but am unable to use cut and paste to automate it fully. Thanks for the help.


New member
Way back in my Unix days (Sun Solaris) our keyboards had a separate pad to the left of all the other keys. I think there were 10 keys, arranged in 2 columns. There was a Copy, a Paste, aFront (for moving windows to the fore), Close/Open (a toggle) to open and minimize windows, and of course the others that I don't remember, since I didn't use them. What I wouldn't give to have a keyboard like that on my XP workstation. Sun called it the Type 5 keyboard. Also, you plugged the mouse into the keyboard itself, eliminating another connection from the back of the box.

I keep hoping some WinTel manufacturer will latch onto the idea.