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customise screen


New member
Can anyone help me with customising the screen in pro2001. Every time i restart pro/e it defaults back to its original settings. I have tried to find settings in my which will change the default settings but so far no luck !!!
You need to save the file with your custom settings in the correct folder. At the bottom of the Utilities > Customize Screen dialog box, you can specify where you want to save your personalized settings. The best place to save it is in the text folder in your loadpoint (wherever Pro Engineer is installed on your computer). You can also locate it in your login directory (the folder specified when you open a command prompt) or the startup directory (the default working directory).

Dave Martin
Hi Jabbadeus !

We did save it in the text folder which is the automatic save point for the file. This is why i cannot understand why proe is not picking up on the new settings when restarted.. Is there anything within which effects the display settings?
Have your system administrators created a config.sup file? If so, this may be preventing you from overriding the default values.
Ive just had a look on the pc and found about 10 files. All in different locations. Im going to get him to delete them all except for the one located in the text folder and see if that makes a difference.

If it doesnt work i'll let u know!