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New member
Does anyone know how to create a custom button that will toggle the enviroment background color in Pro? I have created a custom mapkey that will change the color from gradient to white. How do I incorporate a command in this button that will allow the color to change back to a gradient, using the same button again?


New member
Using Wildfire (I don't think this has changed from previous verions), here's what you do:

1) Pick Tools -> Customize Screen -> Command Tab

2) Scroll down to the mapkeys section toward the bottom of the list. You should see your mapkey description in the right window.

3) Select your mapkey's icon and drag it over to the icon bar. That's it.

You can modify the button's aesthetics from within the button menu - selecting new ones or starting from scratch.


New member
I did manage to create a button of my black & white colour scheme mapkey, but you can't use the same button to return to the deafult colour scheme.

Two options: define your mapkey that the system colours menu stays in place. Press Default in the scheme menu.

Or: make another mapkey four your default colour scheme and make another button from it. Place next to each other of with a fly-out.



I haven't tried it but in theory you could make the last action of the button load a new mapkey definition that would change it's function to the other behavior.