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New member
When i change the attachment of a custom drawing symbol from free to offset. the symbol jumps from where i want it, to under the note it's attached to. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? What causes this to happen?



New member
By default offset is to place a symbol with refference tothe same symbolthat is already existing in the drawing.such that when the previous symbol is moved, thesymbol placed now will also move along with the old one.

to place a sumbol with the offset option,

1. select the required symbol from available list or from browse tab,

2. placeone symbol with free point as type in the drawing,

2. select offset from type list,

3. left click over the existing symbol,

4. now clock the middle button in the place where u want to place the new one with refference to the existing one.

I feel this will answer your question.

if this is not the answer, you may try the following.

redefine the symbol

format>symbolsymbol gallery> redefine> (symbol name)

select attributes,

in that again select "free" and pick over the symbol which u want to make as refference.

now the symbol will not move from the offset point