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Curve references


New member
Hello everyone,

I am having a reference problem. From the picture below you will see I have a spoke pattern that is aligned to the center of the pattern and a single curve defining the inside cut. The problem is the number of spokes in the pattern is dynamic and therefore will change the spacing and the place where the pattern intersects the outer curve. When the outer most spokes go past the tangency of the radius top and the vertical curve the spoke will either maintain the reference to the radius top and pull away from the vert sides or will fail the part depending on the method of creation.

I need it to follow the curve continuously not just a single segment of the curve. I guess I just need to know how I might make the 3 segments a single reference for my alignment to follow.

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New member
try making a COMPOSITE CURVE

select the comp. curve button, then follow the prompt. you will essentially pick the 3 segments. when you go to use this new curve, pay attention to the feature numbers, so you get the comp. curve, not one of the segments.


New member
I have been unsuccesful in choosing the composite curve. It makes me choose a segment of the defining curve. And I end up with the same problem.

From Pro/E 2001 Help files:

Subsequent sketcher entities cannot directly reference composite datum curves for alignment. Instead, you must align these entities to the underlying curves that make up the composite curves.


New member
You might try placing datum points on the composite curve and then referencing these points. Make sure you have no direct relationship to the underlying curve and it should work