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curve - newbie help :)


i beleive i have tried all the ones that are highlighted with no
sucess? any idea on its purpose? or could u give more exact directions.
its puzzling me


New member
If you are using Wildfire, I think that it might be composite curve. In WF, you create one by using the copy command/icon


New member
It's curve ... so if you r working with wildfire 2.0 , click on any edge of your model and do the following Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V ( copy paste ) and u'll have this curve.


New member
It is a composite curve created by coping a already existingng curve.

The most frequant use of the composite curve (options approximate) is in the surface modeling.By making a curve with multiple segments composite you eliminate the patches on the surface caused by these multiple segments.


New member

I have that tutorial is from pro-engineer wildfire for designers chapter 14 surface modeling and is cory surfcace and curve tooland isavailable in the edit features toolbar only when a surface is selected.if you send me a e-mail address i'll send you the web site to reach this tutorial.


This feature is the COPY of another feature. The icon generally means a copy of a surface or of an edge. In WF2.0 you won't get this is you copy a sketched curve, curve from equation, a datum feature, or other solid features like a protrusion.

You can see this by selecting any edge or chain of edges and performing CTRL+C then CTRL+V. Or by using edit> feature operations and then moving or mirring the geom. THis also works with surfaces.