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Curve extension


New member
you have to be a little bit more specific I'm afraid... Maybe you can post an image of the curve you want te extend?



New member
Mr Wouter ,

The query is simple . I have a straight curve . This curve is not

made by sketch . Now I want to increase its length at one end

by say 5 mm ( along direction ) . How do i do this ?

Hope I am clear .

Waiting for your reply .



New member
How is this straight curve driven, if it's driven by surfaces you could extend the surface and the curve should follow.


New member
You can create the extended curve by creating a curve through points. Make the end of the curve connecting to the existing curve tangent. You will have to create a point or something to connect the other end.

You can also make a surface as suggested through the curve and extend the surface.


New member
I got a suggestion .. you can use the composite command on the datum curve menu.. select the exact mode, you will see the selection for curve extension.. kindly enter the length you want.

hope this can help