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cross sections in Wildfire


New member
How do you create a cross section in part mode in WF? That command got squirreled away somewhere and I can't find it.


New member
Cross sections are typically created only for section views in drawings.

Are you talking about creating a planar datum curve?

My guess for what you want to do, create a datum plane where you want the curve or sketch to be. If you want a curve, create a curve at the intersection of the plane and the model. If you want a section sketch, use that datum plane as your sketching plane. Then when choosing sketch references, select Use xsec. And/or use the Use Edge icon for creating geometry.

Hope this helps.

Dave Martin


New member
I found what I needed.

I was trying to use the sketched datum curve tool. This won't work.

Instead I found that datum curve has an option for using x-sec.


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