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Creo Window Changing issue


New member
I have had the same issue on Creo 4 and Creo 7, and have also had this issue on multiple computer installs.
When I have at least 2 or 3 assemblies or parts open, and i try to switch from 1 window (part or assembly) to another window (part or assembly) creo will think for a second, then stay on the original window.
What ever i do, it will not let me change windows to work on the other part or assembly.
The only solution i have found is to minimize the screen i am working on, and also the other windows that i do not want to work on, and then creo will activate the part or assembly that i had not minimized.
This is a big issue as it takes a lot of time when flipping back and forth between a part and assembly OR when i am trying to compare models, it just does not work out.

i put in a PTC ticket, and they gave suggestions that did not work.. (update graphics card, turn off any add ons). I never had any add ons, and my graphics cards on both computers were up to date. Both computers were completely different brands, graphics cards, processors and what not.

Any suggestions or ideas? This issue is happening to a lot of folks i know since Creo 2.


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