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CREO Simulate & Simulation Limits / Constraints


New member
Hello, I am quite new with Creo (started 2 weeks ago) and I have been playing around with the Simulate option. My goal is to find how to limit the simulation, to the point I do not get an interference (body inside itself).

I am using a simple "U-shape" part (see image). It looks like 2 parallel beams joined on one side. Forces are applied to the middle of the beams length in opposite directions.

-Type 1 - Without a constraint, the part keeps deforming until there is a simulation error
-Type 2 - I constraint (with Displacement) the edges of the part to move in Z (+/- 1.2mm). The result is way better, but the edge is moving with displacement and not with force, making the measurements a bit unclear.

This is a solution, but it is not what I am looking for. But then I change the geometry to have a "O-shaped" part. Fixed only on one side.

- Type 3 - Without a constraint the simulation runs until error.

How would it be the best option to constraint the "O-part"? Is the use of "Displacement" constraint always necessary? or is there a way to use the datum XY as a limit (that any deformation do not cross it)?
Thanks for the help!!


New member
Hello silverado, thank you for you reply.

I'm attaching some images, the left is of the same part without the constraint (only force). On the right side is the simulation with the constraint, for the surfaces to move 0.12mm. The problem is that the constraint seems to be "pulling" the surfaces (Displacement) instead of being only a limit.

example 2.jpg

Btw, do you know how can I delete the other post? :(