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Creo Set-up files



Please would anyone be able to send me a syscol.scl (pre-Wildfire for the blue blended screen) file and a config.pro and drawing set-up file for general Creo use? I haven't used the software for a while and am starting again with it. I don't want to infinge on anyone's confidentiality issues.

If I can be of any help to anyone regarding Creo, I'd be happy to if I can, I have 19 years experience of modelling with the software.

Thank-you very much,



New member
I can relate as the color schemes they rollout are not very helpful. I think I still have an old syscol.scl . I try to see if I can find it. You are welcome to PM me.


New member
Attached is what I have in my config folder from 2001, hopefully it's what you are looking for. I had to add .txt to the file in order to upload it, you'll need to remove that.