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Creo Parametric slow, on Dell Precision M6600 and Nvidia

Uyi Osifo

New member
Our engineers use Creo Parametric and some operations take too long. There's currently a situation, where an engineer's computer is running one core to it's limits and the other 7 processor cores are doing little or literally nothing. All this, from clicking on one line, in his design. Now he just waits, even though he has 50 more lines to go.

This is for Creo Parametric 2.0 and Nvidia Quadro 5010 M


Creo is not multi threaded for the most part. Only opening assemblies and simulation can utilize multiple cores. It is much better to have a couple of fast cores than a bunch of slow ones doing nothing. Creo is noticeably slower than previous versions of Pro/E.

Computer configuration can make a big difference too. Turn off all the Aero garbage (computer/properties/Advanced system settings/Performance settings - Adjust for best performance radio button. Make sure your video driver is PTC certified, probably not the newest.

You don't say what he is doing. Is he in part, assembly, drawing or some other mode?


New member
We had a guy in our office yesterday who is now trying to sort our problems with Creo 2, mainly the slowness of many operations. It's taking nearly 5 minutes to open a 400 part assembly on one machine and the same assembly opens in under 40 seconds on a different machine. Both machines are meant to be identical. Other things take ages too, particularly regeneration of family table parts. The machines were only given to us in June of this year and were specced specifically for Creo 2. So far we are not impressed.


New member
some observations of mine:

* turn off all transparency you got. It was or is meant that Creo handle it better, maybe, but regarding time of refresing/opening, nothing changed.

* try to save all external data like iges, or steps as prt files. That is strange but same part can take ages to open when retrived as STEP, being opened in seconds while saved as Pro/Engineer model.

* check if all your files are in the same directory. While search.pro can fix retriving files even from network resources this can invoke opening delays, while it starts to be depended on network conditions and so forth. I met it many times, same machines, different opening time. Cause of the problem - standard parts retived from network storage.

* display settings - set them down to minimum. two machines different display settings and you can get what you have: machines chokes while opening.

* complicated sketches or cosmetics - well, if you have a lot of text notes done in sketcher or cosmetics, then the problem is there. These "tiny" features make Pro/E crazy, because they are parametric, and they consist of many small entities which Pro/E tries to regen each time and over

* cut outs operation made in assembly mode - while opening the assy pro/E must check what, where, why and how. refuse such solutions

* if your assy consist of sub assies, open each of them separetly and check which one takes longest to regen. then focus on it, evalaute, find the cause(list above), fix it.

* and so forth, and so on....


New member
Also check the temporary directory for the user (local settings\temp). If this directory gets very large it can cause this. If you are connected to Windchill, I have seen some issues with a corrupt local database that can slow things down. Clear the cache and if possible, wipe out the local database (C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf). Start clean. I've seen this a few times.


New member
Check that some one didn't open the master rep in that assy. That will bring in a huge number of other parts into the workspace and slow everything down!