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Creo 2.0 Drawing Format - When printing to PDF Creo says pentable NOT FOUND.


Pro/E used to be incredibly sensitive to spaces in file names. PTC slowly fixed one piece after another and they have claimed to be able to tolerate spaces for quite some time. However, I know there were still problems with things like spaces in config files and search path files and mapkeys where you had to use quotes & other workarounds. Rather than deal with the hassels I just make it a point to never use any file names/paths with spaces. I don't know if that is your problem but you could try removing the spaces.


New member
I know that the issue is 8 months old, but I just encountered the same situation.
I learned that the pen table can be setup in the printer configuration files. I have in my config.pro the following lines:
Quick_Print_Drawing_Template N:\...\Drawing set-up\ms_print_mgr.pcf
Quick_Print_Plotter_Config_File N:\...\Drawing set-up\ms_print_mgr.pcf

In the file ms_print_mgr.pcf I had the line:
pen_table_file N:\...\Drawing set-up\standard.pnt

When we changed the structure of the folders, I forgot that the pen table is also in the *.pnt and for several days we could not use pen table. Oops...

The only place where I have quotation marks is in search.pro


New member
This is probably useful if you want different pen tables for different printer configuration files? An issue I always have with Creo is that pen thickness "looks" different if printed on a laser printer or on an inkjet :)

Also, even if a bit off-topic, has anyone had a problem with pdf export scale not being correct? Let me explain: if I do an A4 drawing with a 8 cm square on it and print it directly from Creo, on paper or in pdf, it's perfect, while if I "save as" and export it in pdf it's somewhat scaled once I print it. Probably a mixmatch problem between Creo and my printer?