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Creating text to show in the model


New member

New to pro-e, trying to create text onto an assembly model. I went to sketcher and added the text as a cosmetic. But when i render the modelas aniges it does not show.

Any help?


New member

look in the sketcher toolbar for an icon with letter "A" on it, you can use it to create cut of a text, blind or through)



New member
why not just open the part that you want the text on and make a protution or cut which ever fit better the purpose. In that way is in the part if it need to be engrave in the future. creating features in the asm. aren't the best thing to do.


New member
Go tocreate & then sketch it as cut or protrusion

Select icon "A" then select the font type u will get what u want.

You can email me I will send you a small sample of text embossing

If u need I will send Machining too.

Niteen Parwal

niteenparwal at hotmail.com
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