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Creating Shaded PDF's


New member
I know this topic repeatedly returns in all forums, and I'm making PDF's of drawings through Ghostscript for years now with nice results. *But* those were always drawings or (hidden) line objects. So when I read

> especially when creating shaded image PDF's.

I was astonished! This is new for me! Shaded PDF's! I want those!

Since 2001 it is possible to print my shaded parts directly to our color laserjet, with fine printing results. But when making docs or ppt's (managers cannot without them), I always have to go through the time consuming Alt-Printscreen and Photoshop routine. The save as JPEG option is not convinient, since it inverts the colours, and has not the desired quality allthough the large filesizes. Have to Photoshop them also.

So I have been trying to create a new .PCF and a new script like the make-pdf.bat for drawings. The problem is that when in shaded mode in ProE, I cannot select the printer (the new PCF file) that I need, only the MS printer manger (I use Win2K) and a Generic Color Postscript. When selecting the last, I get large plotfiles, but when renaming (.ps) an converting (.pdf) them I get nice results (only some rotating problems left).

So I know that I am close. The only thing I need is to get it automated. I cannot find (if any) the PCF for that Generic Postscipt Printer. And I don't succed in listing my defined PCF in shaded mode. I know it should be possible with my current Ghostscript 6.01 so can anyone give me a hint?

I hate to do it with free spyware utils.



I've set up our system to create shaded PDFs from models or assemblies - using the same Ghostscript files we use for line drawings. Here's how:

- Create a mapkey to plot the current view to a .plt file.

- Associate files of type .plt with the make-pdf.bat program (in Windows - right-click on the .plt, select Open With - browse to make-pdf.bat)

- Now just double-click on the plt file to convert it to a PDF

Any questions - give me a shout. I hope to have more details soon on the Pro/E Help website.



New member
Thank you Ed!

That associating the .plt with the make-pdf.bat makes it very easy indeed. Make sure the file is processed on your own computer instead of the network: much faster.

To get a nice quality I set the print configuration on 300 DPI and 24-bits RGB.

Remarkable is that it puts the blended background on half the image. I don't know why, but I like the results.



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