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Creating New View of Assembly


New member
Hello all,

I have not been able toadd a new view for assembly...FRONT, BOTTOM, RIGHT

- I Click on Reorient, nextplace model in new position, type new name but it does not give me the option to save this new position???

When I create new position on the actual parts its no problem but in assemblies it just won't let me do it.....Please help.



In wildfire click on that :) and then click on where you want the new view.

ie. if you click to the right of your main view then you will get a projection to your right.

in 2001 - you need to use the menu

insert-view- projection orView attachment 501 something similar

(from memory)

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New member
Wehave 2001 version, I tried pulling downinsert/view/projection but there is no "view" option. I tried on other assemblies I have & just clicking on "reorient" works just fine when adding a new view.

I am working with family tables would that have anything to do with the settings maybe??
Are you trying to create (save) a view in the model (assembly)? or are you trying to put a view of assembly into a drawing?

This is 'Drawing' forum.