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Creating New Dimensions in Drawing Mode


New member
When in drawing mode, I'm trying to create a new dimension. More specifically, I'm trying to create a radius dimension for a circle. Pro/E has the dimension as a linear distance instead of a radius. Does anyone know how to change that or make a new dimension on a circular feature? Thanks.


New member
check your constrains make sure that the arcis tangent to the lines on both ends,then create the radius dim that you need


New member
To create a radial dimension, choose the radial entity once with the left mouse button, place with the middle button. You may have to flip the arrows to have it displayed as you want. Choosing the radial dimension twice with the left mouse button will give you a diametrical dimension.
Sometimes, Pro/E will choose the end of an entity when you wish to choose the entity itself. When this happens, you will have to zoom in to have Pro/E make the correct choice.


New member
also watch where your cursor is in relation to the circle/center axis as being to the "outboard" side can result in a linear rather than radial placement.