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creating lens


New member
At one point I was modeling a product that needed a lens that was on one side of a slightly conical surface. I fought and fought with it. I haven


The smaller the picture, the smaller the file size. Use a graphics program to reduce the size of the graphic. There are dozens of them available on the Internet, some free, some trial versions.

My favorite freebie graphics editors are:

The Gimp --

Irfanview --

My favorite freebie screen capture utility:

Screenhunter --

P.S. Can't wait to see your picture!

Nose Bleed

New member
Well, I've done something extremely similar...

What I did was a blend... I blended the oval.

I'm positive your oval has a 3D lower surface.

In other words, I created a 3d sweep of a .0125 protusion in an ovular sweep. Then blended out from that protusion, then created the rounds as necessary.

Does that help - at all?

Nose Bleed

New member

If you're running dumbdows (windows) The photo editor does wonders when attempting to cut your upload to a nominal size.


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