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creating contoured sweep round cylinder?


New member
This can be done with surfaces. You might try breaking it down into 3 different cuts & then pattern.Here's how one might look. This was done with more quilts than I originally thought because your curves don't line up with the cylinder edge.

View attachment 542


New member

Made something similar using patterned helical sweep protrusion. Create sweep profile on a plane (thru axis & angle) that you can pattern later. Adjusting dimensions should result in required shape.

Have a look!

BranoView attachment 544


mgnt8 - that looks promising.. I reckoned surfaces would be the way. What kind of surface is in your example? - variable section sweep ? Thanks for the response.

Brano - that may work, thanks.



New member
proed - boundary blends, I just used your curves (and a few others I had to create)to create several surfaces, merged them until the area to be removed was enclosed by a watertight quilt, then Solidify/cut away. It was a roundabout way of doing it and I'm not sure how easy it would be to edit (probably not very) but it got the job done.


New member
hi brano,

i am abit new to pro/E( i use pro/E 2001). so can u please explain the procedure in detail.

thanks in advance.