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Creating a table to show part order in an assembly...


New member
Here's what I would do...

Create a number parameter in each component called something like ORDER. Give the parameter the value you want for assembly order.

Create your BOM table like you normally would, but instead of creating a column for rpt.index, use asm.mbr.order.

By default, the components will be listed in alphabetical order, but if you Sort by the ORDER parameter, they'll be listed in the order you want, and if my thinking is correct, the rpt.index should correspond to this parameter now, so the BOM balloons should correspond as well.


Regarding jabbadeus' post,

If these parts are used in other assemblies as well, then I would switch to using a component parameter instead of a real part parameter (e.g., &asm.mbr.cparam.order instead of &asm.mbr.order). Then you can sort by the component parameter.

The advantage here is that the value of the 'order' parameter for each part is a function of the assembly and not the part model. This means that any given part model could have a different value for 'order' depending on which assembly you look at.



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