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Creating a sub folder from Pro/E When working with BackUp/Save A Copy


New member
When working with BACKUP/SAVE A COPY commands, we can create a folder on-the-fly. But to create a sub-folder- first we have to create the parent folder and then repeat the process to create a sub-folder in it. This is you can create sub-folders(as many levels as you want) in one go.

1. First select the drive or the folder where you

wanted to create your folders.

2. Click the New Directory Icon from the Dialog.

When entered(without quotes)DN Reddy\Projects\GE\MCC

creates DN Reddy in the Current Folder/drive, Projects folder in DN Reddy, GE folder in Projects, MCC folder in GE, and the last folder is automatically selected.

The magic wand here is backslash(\) symbol.

Dwaraka N. Reddy,Hyderabad, India