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creating a solid model for a void


New member
I have a part that is already modeled, a duct. i need to make a mold of the inside or voided part of the duct. is there an easy way to do this without creating surfaces and quilts and expecting them to live. is there anyway to incorporate pro-cast/mold design and get a core that i can use as the model?

Please Advise


New member
Even if u use Pro/MOLD or pro/CAST u need to create these surfaces as the parting surfaces. So I don't think u can take any such shortcut..


New member
There's no way I know to do it without surfaces, but w/ surfaces it is fairly simple. All you need to do is cap your ends w/surfaces and copy the interior surfaces of your duct. You may need to merge them into one surface, but then just create a protrusion USE QUILT.

You can do this in part mode and make a simplified rep, or save as to a new mold part! but you will have to then create a cut to get rid of the duct geometry!

The better way isif you do this in an assembly you can create the protrusion in a new part then delete the assembly, and keep the references in the part