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Creating a shrinkwrap from a simplified rep


New member
I am trying to create a shrinkwrap from a simplified rep. We are wanting to send this model to one of our vendors, but would like to leave out certain components that aren't released yet. The assembly and sim rep are both very large so reassembling the sim rep is my last resort

Den E

File/Save a Copy/Type:Shrinkwrap/OK

At this point my preferences are:

Creation Method--Merged Solid


Special Handlings--Uncheck Auto Hole Filling, Check Assign Mass Properties

Select Datums (CSO works best)

Preview Options--skip it

Additional Surfaces--Skip it

Output File Name--whatever

Create.....may take awhile, may ask you to select datums again...

When the shrinkwrap is ready it will pop up in a seperate window. Check it out and make sure all the detail is there that you want to show. Activate the window and then save it.


New member
I cannot find the shrinkwrap type in the save a copy window. Is it part of an optional module. What is its file extension?