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Creating a section in part Mode.


New member
Hello again,

How do you create a section in part mode( intend to bring it in drawing) and how do you modify the type of an existing view( from view to section, etc) .

I go in Tools/Model Sectioning- here the Cross Section window pops up. I click New and the row with Xsec0001 appears. Here I can change the name of the view.

From here I don't know what to do.

The program doesn't give me any hint.



PS This is Wildfire I am working with.


New member
All solved folks,

The only thing I had to do was to CHANGE the name of the Section.

Xsec0001 is not enough for the Wildfire program to give me a hint.

I changed the name of the section to something different from Xsec0001 and I pressed Enter.


New member
That all seems to work fine for me. I use an educational version of WF2 at Clarkson University. The problem I have is the host of the cross section view does not show where the cross section is. It should show a line and some arrows and the cross section name etc. right? I can't make it do that.



on your xsec.

left click it to select

right click to bring up extra menu

-> add arrows

you then click on a view to show where the sectioning is taking place.


New member
I'm not sure what version your using but that doesn't do it. By playing around though just now I figured it out. All you have to do in WF2 is click on th x-section then go to the insert menu and select arrows. Then select which view to place it. Simple but not straightforward, and certainly not in an obvious place in the documentation. Thanks anyway.


postgate :)

wf2 :p

try it, its much faster.

wierd i did it just then:(

on the drawing ..

i had .. a front view of the model and a projection to the side.

then i double clicked on the projection and changed it to a xsec that i
had created in the model. once the projection was a xsec. i then click
on the xsec and then right click "add arrows". and tell it the view
which shows where the xsec comes from.

its all about the clicks.

if you do something once in a blue moon then it doesnt matter.

but if your doing it 20 times a hour then the difference in 4 clicks
and 20 clicks adds up:) it also takes a toll on your sanity :)

i wonder which way is faster:)