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Creating a BOM report with correct qty’s


New member
We have a BOM rep format that creates a Separate BOM drawing for our assemblies.When we creates the BOM if there are subassembly's it breaks them out plus all of the parts under that subassembly. The problem is that it puts the incorrect amount of component totals as we need it. It give the qty needed per subassembly but not the total needed to create all the sub-assemblies.

So if I had a sub-assembly with3 bolts each and used 10 subassembly's in my assembly when I create the report it would show 10 subassembly's and list 3 bolts.

What I want it to list is 10 subassembly then list the total qty of bolts needed 30.

How do I do this.




New member
Just set the attributes of your repeat region on 'No Duplicates' and 'Flat'

Than,..... Set your item (in your casethe asm with the 3 components) as 'Recursive". Do this by clicking:Table > Repeat Region > Flat/Rec Item > select your region > Recursive > and select now the item (='asm with the 3 components') > Done Sel.
You will now get your asked result.

With kind regards,

Filip Deconinck
ProE Support Consultant


New member

This just closes up the indent on the BOM. What I want is the indent to still be there but give me the total qty of bolts need for all bolts in that subassembly.

I want it to show

subassembly 10

bolts 30


subassembly 10

bolts 3

Also NOT just

subassembly 10

I hope this clarifies what I need..


New member
Let say you have the following 'Tree':

View attachment 575

When you set your attribute of your Repeat Region as 'No Duplicates', you should have this:

View attachment 576

However, as far as I know, I don't thinkthere's a possibility toindent your BOM when your have 'No Duplicates' as attribute.

When you set your attribute of your Repeat Region as 'No Dup/level', you should have this:

View attachment 577

In this case you could have a indentation.
I know that you're asking a mix of both, but I don't think that you can do that in 'standard' ProE.

I suppose when you develop something in Pro/TOOLKIT, you could have your wanted result.
Kind regards,
Filip Deconinck
ProE Support Consultant

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New member
I'm trying to get the same thing done too to finish my BOM table:

have the BOM show the total number of parts for each -different- asm.
So when I have the same asm 3 times, containing part1 2 times and part2 just once, I want it to show the following in the quantity column:

total of asm: 3
total of part1: 6
total of part2: 3

The goal is to have a total for the total number of parts for each assembly and the total number of parts for the entire assembly.

Since the link is dead, can anyone please help me out? I couldn't find this in the forums


New member
I think I can manage this by combining filtering and relations, but therefor I need to get the quantity of the assembly a part belongs to to multiply the part quantity of that assembly with, considering all levels of assemblies, somethin like this:

Something like [asm level1].qty * [asm level2].qty * [asm level3].qty * [asm level4].qty * asm.mbr.qty

Does anyone know how to do that?